Can I Cut down my Grocery Bill Significantly?

Groceries can cost a lot of money and we can find that our grocery bill could be a significant chunk of our outgoings. You may be happy with this if you like your food and have a big family and can afford to spend a lot. However, you may also find that you struggle to manage the cost of your groceries and might want some ideas on how to reduce it. There are quite a few things you can try.

Shop Around for your Non-Food Products

You may find that even if food products are cheaper in your supermarket of choice, you will not necessarily find that other items are. This will vary, but you could find it will be cheaper to buy cards, toiletries, clothes, electricals, homewares and kitchen items in other places. Make sure that you check that you are not overpaying for these things.

Compare Supermarkets on Price

It is worth comparing the supermarkets on the prices of the items that you buy. You will find that some might be dearer than you expect and some might be cheaper. Although most of us could probably rank supermarkets generally on price, this is just a general ranking. Each customer will buy different things and you may find that it is not the supermarket that you consider to be the cheapest, that will actually be cheap for you.

Consider Cutting Down on more Expensive Items

There are some items that we but from supermarkets that are significantly cheaper than others. This means that if we cut down on those, then we could save a significant amount of money. For example, certain types of meat, fish, alcohol, ready made meals and things like this can be very expensive. We may be able to go without some of these completely or reduce how much we buy or swap it for cheaper items so that we can save money. It is worth looking through a shopping list and noting hat is the most expensive and thinking about whether you could cut that out or have it less often.

Compare Brands

We may assume that supermarket brands will always be cheaper or that if we do not buy our favourite brands we will not enjoy the food. However, it is worth thinking carefully about these. Firstly, compare all prices as you may find that sometimes a branded item is actually cheaper or supermarkets might have a selection of products in the range at different prices. It is also worth trying different brands to see which you like the best.

Be Careful with Offers

Offers can be so tempting when we are in the supermarket. We can see all sorts of offers and wonder whether they will be worth taking advantage of. Many of the deals will not be on items that you normally buy. However, you might still be tempted by them and you could end up buying these items in addition to your normal groceries and then end up not only spending more but eating more as well. If items you use are on offer, then take advantage, but if you are buying multiple amounts, make sure that you only eat the same amount as normal or else you will not save any money. If they are not things you would normally buy then make sure that you replace something you normally buy with them. Also make sure that are cheaper than what you normally buy as just because they are on offer does not mean they will be the very cheapest. There still might be cheaper brands available so check on the shelves first  as it is easy to forget to do this as the offers are offer in different places to where the products normally are on the shelves.

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