Is it Worth Bothering to Earn just a bit more Money?

If we would like some extra money, then we may look into different ways of earning it. Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to earn money. We will always have to work hard and spend time doing it. We will have to therefore decide whether we think that it will be worthwhile.

What do we need the money for?

It is good to start by thinking about what it is that we need the money for. We will obviously be thinking about doing extra work for some wort of reason. It could be that we need the money because we want to pay off some debt, we want to increase our savings or we want to make sure that we can make ends meet. We may want to treat ourselves to something. It can be really wise to make sure that we write down the reason that we want the extra money. This will help us later.

What will Motivate us?

We then need to think about what will motivate us to get the extra money that we need. Consider whether you will need more motivation than just the reason that you have written above. Also, even if it motivates you now, you might forget about it when you into the new work and find it hard going. Therefore, it can be a good idea to think hard about the big advantages to doing what you want with the money. So perhaps you want to pay off some loans so that you are paying less out in interest and will have more money to spend. Perhaps you want to save up some money so that you can afford to go on a holiday. Perhaps you want to make it easier to pay your bills each month so that you are not stressed about doing so. There are a lot of possible reasons but make sure that you think them through – do not just write down you want to save some money but put how those savings will help you in the future. Then stick this somewhere prominent so that you can keep reminding yourself of why you are doing it.

It will also really help to motivate you if you are doing something that you enjoy. It is not always easy to find a job that we like, but things like working with nice people, doing a job with some fun parts or even working in a place near to home can have advantages that could motivate us. So make sure that you keep focussing on these.

What Else Would we be Doing?

It can also be good to think about what else you would be doing if you were not working. Many of us will perhaps be watching TV or films, on our phones, on social media, reading, snoozing or things like this. Think about whether it is worth doing these things and what value you get out of them compared to working. You might be able to squeeze your leisure time into less hours and still enjoy it as much but work longer and earn a bit more as well.

It can be trickier if you would normally be looking after your children or caring for other family members. However, if you are tied to the home, it might be possible for you to do some work there and still be around to supervise them as well. Unless they need continuous attention, you might be able to fit in some bits and pieces. Although work from home jobs can be intense, there are some which are quite easy or will easily fit around other duties so it is worth looking to see what is available.

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